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About FCG

As financial consultants our ambition is to be the forerunner for best practice, to see new opportunities and to find innovative solutions. It is in our DNA to be at the forefront of our specialist areas and challenge our clients to think differently. In that way we get their business to grow. We work in long-term partnership and support our clients through the whole process. From overall analysis to implementation and on-going management.

FCG has its roots in Swedish and international standard setting and implementation of financial rules, in practice, in terms of risk and capital management, compliance and an overall sound internal governances and control for market participants. The purpose is mainly to ensure, for our clients, a good reputation, that they comply with requirements and get maximal return on their business, given the risk taken. Through FCG:s development and refined focus in business management, we are now unique in the Nordic countries in terms of establishing strategies and efficient processes that enables for our financial clients to build future operations on the right customers, products, prices and channels.

We are located in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and has since the start in 2008 built up a business with about 160 experts in law, finance, accounting, mathematics and actuaries. FCG has clients in all segment and sizes that are supervised by the FSA and we also help companies in other industries that meet regulation or see the benefit of a good corporate governance and management of credit, financial and risk issues.

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FCG Stockholm

Östermalmstorg 1, 5tr
SE-114 42, Stockholm

Org. nr. 559005-7773


Växel: +46 8 41 07 59 10
E-post: info@fcg.se

FCG Malmö

Skomakaregatan 7
SE-211 34 Malmö

Org. nr. 559005-7773


Växel: +46 8 41 07 59 10
E-post: info@fcg.se

FCG København

Amaliegade 5 C, 3. sal
DK-1256 København K

Cvr. 25545966


Växel: +45 70 20 69 60
E-post: info@fcg.dk

FCG Helsinki

Mannerheimintie 12B 5th
00100 Helsinki


Växel: +46 8 41 07 59 10
E-post: info@fcg.se

FCG Frankfurt

FCG Risk & Compliance GmbH
Taunusanlage 8
60329 Frankfurt am Main


Phone: +46 8 41 07 59 10
E-mail: info@fcg.se

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Kristian har arbetat mer än 15 år i finansbranschen inom områden som riskkontroll, treasuryverksamhet, regelgivning och tillsyn samt strategisk rådgivning till större finansiella företag. Kristian drivs av att hjälpa banker och andra finansiella aktörer att bli mer effektiva i sin verksamhet, anpassa sig till nya finansiella regelverk och uppdatera sin verksamhet i linje med nya framsteg och ny branschstandard.


Kristian har innan FCG arbetat på SEB, Finansinspektionen och PWC.


Magisterexamen i ekonomi med matematisk inriktning (Master of Science).

Kristian Bentzer