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Actuaries can, for many companies, be both costly and difficult to obtain. Through an outsourced solution, which is now obvious to most companies in the financial sector, the work can be performed more efficiently and to a lower cost.


The actuarial function is a central function and carries out its work independently and objectively from operations, while at the same time it shall work as a value-generating resource. FCG has certified actuaries who work proactively, forward-looking and risk-based depending on the insurance company size, nature and complexity. They act supporting and controlling against the Board, President, management and operations.


We offer independent and impartial execution of tasks within the actuary function. Our consultants are appropriate in accordance with the FSA’s requirements for suitability assessment of persons performing work in key functions, and our internal procedures assures quality towards you as a customer.


FCG has a wide offer for the outsourcing of the execution of tasks within the comprehensive actuarial methods, calculations and assessments of technical provisions, valuation of insurance risks and reinsurance cover, as well as other risk mitigation techniques. We offer the following services:

  • Develop and monitor activity plans based on completion of GAP-analysis and risk Analysis.
  • Perform checks, audits, evaluations and validations according to the activity plan.
  • Establish and revise internal policy documents
  • Monitoring of current, new and future regulations
  • Consulting, training and running workshops
  • Reporting to the Board, President and other features
  • External reporting
  • Authority contacts

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