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Outsourcing of compliance function

Today’s complex regulatory framework and the pace of the regulatory process with the requirements of the compliance functions, may stress the resources of a compliance officer to its limits. As specialists FCG can be a guide in the ongoing work and provide valuable and necessary skills through the staffing of the compliance function.

Long-term partner

Through close and long-term work, FCG becomes a business-oriented partner with a starting point oriented for your business, where we develop specific solutions based on your activities and circumstances. At the same time, it provides the opportunity for proactive management and eventual problems can be foreseen. Our aim is always to make compliance issues simple and an important part in our work is about transferring knowledge to employees and management. In this way we ensure that the skill levels of our customers are constantly improving, resulting in an improved internal control.


A dedicated team is working for you, but we continuously take help of other specialist within FCG to constantly ensure the right expertise in each and every issue. Our consultants have extensive expertise and has a background of compliance functions in financial companies or from work at the FSA (Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority). It brings valuable experience to the work and also in your continued development.

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