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Credit is a core business process in the banking and finance field and is often affected when there are changes in the regulatory area. Changes that places extensive requirements on the business in terms of interpretation of the regulations, impact analysis, practical implementation of rules and new procedures, as well as training.

Many experience that the operational work suffers during business change or that the change process requires experience and expertise that the company lacks. There may be a need of credit specialists who support the operational work or take a leading role in the credit organization change.

FCG provides interim and outsourcing solutions to take on the role as credit manager or credit analyst, alternatively, to support the ongoing reporting, credit monitoring or audit. These roles and responsibilities does not always correspond to a full-time job and outsourcing then is a cost effective alternative, while at the same time FCG’s collective expertise is at hand.

FCG runs the outsourced function autonomously and independently while working closely with you and adapt our work to suit your circumstances. We can thus work proactively and with high quality.

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