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Risk function

The financial sector is characterized by complex regulations that are constantly changing, which sets high never ending requirements. As specialists in risk management, we can support management and the board with risk topics, and help small and medium- sized companies to prioritize and identify areas in which improvement can be made to contribute to a healthier and better business.

MethodologyFCG has developed a proven methodology to effectively manage risk functions. Simplified, we conduct a preliminary risk analysis from a risk management perspective in order to identify the company’s significant risks, such as, operational risks, liquidity risks, market risks, credit and counterparty risks, strategic risks, business risks or reputational risks.

Based on the results of the analysis, an annual plan of scheduled control activities is suggested. These can be workshops for operational risks, the quality assurance of the company’s internal capital and liquidity assessment (IKLU), review of incident management, quality assurance of the financial reporting to the financial supervisory authorities and monitoring of investment mandates.


We work in teams with a senior employee who is responsible for the function. We also continuously take help of other specialist within FCG, in order to ensure the right expertise in each and every issue. Our consultants have a broad experience of risk functions in financial companies, but also from operations, which provides good support in both analysis and practical compliance on external requirements. In addition, several of our consultants have worked for the Swedish FSA (Financial Supervisory Authority) in different roles, contributing to valuable knowledge and experience in the missions.


FCG runs the outsourced function autonomously and independently while working closely with you and adapt our work to suit your circumstances. We can thus work proactively and anticipate possible problems. We are business-oriented, open to what works in your business and what possible directions are possible going forward. In this way, we are your long-term partner and advisor.

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