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As financial consultants and specialist within risk management, financial law and business management, we face a wide variety of questions on a daily basis. It can be anything from how a change in the regulatory framework will affect a business practically, to how to develop actuarial models. Based on these and the specific needs of our customers, we develop and customize our training.

Our knowledge base allows our training to work for, and can be adapted to, all. We can have a wide focus, for example if a new department needs to know more about AML, but we also offer specialized courses where we focus in on a narrower topic.

All training programs are developed together with you and we will customize them to your needs and wishes. These are some examples on areas that we can offer:

  • New Data Protection Ordinance impact on your operation
  • Practical Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Work of the Board and Board Responsibilities
  • Measure against money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Value-at-Risk i practise
  • Market Risk Measurement
  • Compliance and risk control in the first line

We also hold training on the rules governing the industry. These are some examples:

  • Solvency II
  • IFRS 4
  • IFRS 9
  • Capital requirements (Basel och EU)
  • Market abuse regulations
  • MiFID II

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